Negotiating Youth Cultures Intermedially: YouTubers, Vlogging and Teenagers


  • Silke Jandl University of Graz


Mots-clés :

réseaux sociaux, stéréotype, vlogging, Youtube, social networks, stereotype


YouTube is becoming increasingly important for the everyday lives of teenagers. The website is not only a popular source for entertainment, it also provides a growing selection of role models as well as a platform for teenagers to find their own voice and discuss issues with peers worldwide. Because teenagers are actively looking for role models in YouTube personalities, a plethora of content providing advice on issues like bullying, body image, and sexuality is available on the website. This article will explore how this tendency has grown into a transmedial phenomenon that has led to a variety of books of advice being published by YouTubers. Moreover, it will trace the complexities of the relationship between YouTube creators and their audiences, investigating how vlogging as a format impacts this dynamic. Furthermore, it will be of interest how relatability as an ideal draws audiences to vlogs and fosters friendships-like devotion. Lastly, the focus will be laid on a teenage creator, Sabrina Cruz, and her activism to shake the stereotype of teenagers as consumers, and to encourage her peers to make themselves heard.


Youtube occupe une place de plus en plus important dans le quotidien des adolescents. Ce site n’est pas seulement populaire en tant que divertissement ; il offre un nombre croissant de « rôles modèles » en même temps qu’un espace d’expression pour les adolescents qui cherchent leur voix en abordant différents problèmes avec des jeunes de leur âge du monde entier. En quête de « rôles modèles » parmi les personnalités connues sur Youtube, les adolescents peuvent trouver pléthore de vidéos leur donnant des conseils sur le harcèlement, l’image corporelle, et la sexualité. Cet article explore cette tendance à travers la transmédialité, phénomène qui a conduit de nombreux Youtubers à publier des livres pour diffuser leurs conseils. Il envisagera également les relations complexes entre ces créateurs sur Youtube et leurs publics à travers une analyse du vlog. Nous étudierons comment le vlog attire le public et nourrit une dévotion amicale en développant l’identification. Enfin, nous évoquerons le cas de Sabrina Cruz, créatrice adolescente dont l’engagement contre les stéréotypes enfermant les adolescents dans une image de consommateurs encourage l’expression.

Biographie de l'auteur

Silke Jandl, University of Graz

Silke Jandl received her BA and MA in English and American Studies from the University of Graz, Austria. As part of her alma mater’s Joint Master’s Degree Programme, she studied at the University of Roehampton, London, for one semester. During the 2013/14 academic year, she served as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Minnesota. She enrolled in the Ph.D. program in English and American Studies in the fall of 2014. In March 2015, she assumed a part-time position at the Centre for Intermediality Studies in Graz and began teaching classes in the American Studies department at the University of Graz. In October 2015 she was awarded the Dean’s prize for the publication of her article “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Adapting Jane Austen in the Internet Age”. She has since presented her research on intermedial interfaces between YouTube videos and book publications at various international conferences.




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Jandl, S. (2018). Negotiating Youth Cultures Intermedially: YouTubers, Vlogging and Teenagers. Publije, (1).