La valeur patrimoniale de la littérature pour la jeunesse


  • Stéphanie Daub-Laurent


We are often very touched and moved when remembering a beloved children’s book. In France, children’s literature has been gradually legitimated : it has entered schools curricula, is studied at universities, and children’s publishing has experience a major development over the past twenty years. In the meantime, it has started to be considered as a piece of national heritage that has to be preserved and taken care of.
Public libraries have worked on joint fiction repositories. Regions in France have organized plans to collect books. Donations from readers are also very welcome to preserve books that were not accessible in libraries, but which were bought by families. Even if books are not considered of «high» literary value, they were often very much loved by their young readers and thus must be preserved in patrimonial collections to represent the tastes of all generations. Today, these collections are kept alive and opened to the public by way of digitization, exhibitions, and educational actions.




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